Bullas, Will

Born in Ohio and raised in the Southwest, Will Bullas enrolled at Arizona State University and was majoring in fine arts with a minor in dramatic arts when he was drafted. In Vietnam, his first professional pieces were pencil portraits of fellow soldiers, which were sent to loved ones back home. Returning from military duty, he enrolled in the Brooks Institute of Fine Art in Santa Barbara, California and graduated with a degree in oil painting.  With the encouragement of his wife, Claudia, he then quit his printing press job - reproducing the work of other artists—and concentrated on his own art. That was the beginning of a yearlong voyage across the Midwest and Southwest, where Bullas sold his work to many appreciative art lovers.  The couple settled in Carmel, California, where Will's exclusive relationship with galleries resulted in a growing group of dedicated, enthusiastic collectors. Bullas' work now graces a wide range of popular products, including high fashion t-shirts, note cards, coffee mugs and even 100% silk neckwear. His vision has taken on further dimension as works of art in porcelain from the Greenwich Workshop Collection.  Will Bullas and his wife Claudia live and create in San Francisco.
Texas Cowboys by G. Harvey
Issue Price: $1,700.00
Texas Rancher by G. Harvey
Issue Price: $150.00
Texas Legacy by Martin Grelle
Issue Price: $150.00