Lyman, Stephen

 Stephen Lyman actively shared the wonder of the natural world with a legion of collectors until his untimely death in 1996. He had been recently named one of the top artists in the country by U.S. Art magazine and his book, Into the Wilderness: An Artist’s Journey, was published to unanimous acclaim in the autumn of 1995.  “He paints the wilderness with a knowledge and genuineness that can only be expressed by someone who has ‘been there’.” – Bev Doolittle.  Through Lyman’s art, you can travel into a wilderness very few have experienced. You can share the sensation of being in the true outdoors – exploring, discovering, studying and enjoying the all-encompassing beauty of unspoiled nature.   Lyman’s desire to share his admiration for the outdoors was strong, but he enrolled in the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California, to learn more about the commercial art field. He started his career as a commercial illustrator in Los Angeles and soon realized that the call of the wild was stronger than the lure of the city. Returning to Idaho, he spent two years exploring and developing his own style of painting. He continued to discover the wonders of the natural world and of living a natural lifestyle. “All my paintings have their origins in my experience and perception of beauty in the wilderness,” he said.  Prints and canvases released since his passing have been signed by his wife Andrea.
Bear & Blossoms by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $295.00
Beach Bonfire by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $225.00
Autumn Gathering by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $175.00
An Elegant Couple by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $125.00
Ahwahnee by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $1,495.00
Above the Forest by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $825.00
A Mountain Campfire by Stephen Lyman
Issue Price: $2,250.00