Austin, Cary

Upon first glance at an Austin painting, you might wonder if you’re looking at a protégé of the American artists Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood. "Not so," says Austin who insists that the influence is not conscious on his part. Nevertheless, he is drawn to the same subjects of the simple symbols of American life and has developed his own distinctive artistic style. Obviously skilled beyond his years, Austin attended Utah State University, but leftColumbus College of Art and Design after being instructed to change a painting by an illustration teacher. The work of art, without the change, went on to win an award at the Society of Illustrators’ Student Show and Austin went on to pursue a commercial art career. Starting with local companies and Utah organizations, his work soon came to the attention of national advertising agencies and book companies. Primary Press was so impressed with his ability that it gave him complete freedom in illustrating a book called The First Vision. Austin’s paintings for that work won a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators, which brought him to the attention of The Greenwich Workshop.

The Wheat Field by Cary Austin
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The Storm by Cary Austin
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