Grelle, Martin

Whether painting the Native Americans in a dramatic, picturesque setting or the working cowboy peacefully on the range, Martin Grelle captures the spirit, beauty, and vastness of the West in his historically-accurate, compelling images.  Grelle is proud of his Native American ancestry and studies diligently to portray their culture accurately and sensitively.  The artist also has an intimate knowledge of the cowboy’s way of life; each year he enjoys the Cowboy Artists of America’s (CAA) trail ride and spends time occasionally working cattle with local friends.  Grelle has the incredible ability to take the most mundane, daily tasks of his subjects and elevate them to a new level in each painting.
Signed by the artist, limited-edition print.
Issue Price: $1,500.00
Snake River Culture by Martin Grelle
Issue Price: $1,600.00
Strategies by Martin Grelle
Issue Price: $1,600.00