Doolittle, Bev

 "My love for nature, as well as man’s relationship with it, is the driving force behind all of my artwork. Painting is a growth process. By giving each of my pursuits my best effort, and by learning from my mistakes, doors have opened for me that I could not have anticipated.”   For Bev Doolittle, one of those doors was with The Greenwich Workshop, who produced her first limited edition print, Pintos, in 1979. It sold out at the publisher within weeks. "I am not a prolific painter,” Bev explains. "My art style prevents that. Reproducing my painting in print was the perfect answer. I was able to concentrate on my most important ideas while still having my work represented in galleries around North America as well as abroad. My relationship with The Workshop and its extended family of artists, galleries and their customers has been a joy for me for more than twenty-five years.”
Sacred Ground by Bev Doolittle
Issue Price: $265.00
Runs With Thunder by Bev Doolittle
Was: $2,650.00
On Sale For: $2,435.00
Escape by a Hare by Bev Doolittle
Issue Price: $80.00
Eagle's Flight by Bev Doolittle
Issue Price: $185.00
Eagle Heart by Bev Doolittle
Issue Price: $285.00
Doubled Back by Bev Doolittle
Issue Price: $245.00