Riddick, Ron

Artist Ron Riddick was born and raised in sunny Santa Monica, California. He was the son of an art

director at Prudential Insurance—so he had access to the tools of commercial

art. While in high school, he took the extra challenge of night classes at the

Los Angeles Art Center and College of Design, where he found that he was quick

to pick up both classic and new techniques in continuing to improve his skills.

He then left school to work in a printmaking atelier, but it wasn’t until he

began to study with Russian artist Sergei Bongart that he was truly inspired.

He says of Bongart “I sensed something in Bongart I lacked: the gift of

painting from the heart and spirit. But Sergei did more than instruct me in

painting. He shared his love of music, literature, poetry, nature, life and

showed me the historic connections.” Bongart was not the only artistic

influence in Ron’s life—his work is often compared favorably to John Singer

Sargent. He has the same ability to capture on canvas and paper the personality

and life of those he paints.
Riddick now makes Tuscon, Arizona his home.  He shows his work at select galleries and shows
throughout the country and, along with many other awards and accolades, is an Artist of America Master
Painter and a member of the Cowboy Artists of America.