Seward, James

James Seward was born in Alabama, and raised in Tennessee. He spent summers with his grandparents in the wild back-country of Alabama. When he was six, his grandfather bought him his first set of oil paints, and as a young child he often painted his grandparents by lamp-light, to their great astonishment. "From the time I was five years old, I was continually painting and drawing in that great environment,” the artist remembers with fondness.
Although the artist had attended church since childhood, after leaving for the Navy in 1944, he dropped his church attendance. In 1953, two former friends with whom he’d lost contact felt moved to pray for his salvation. And in 1954 when he and his family attended church with a neighbor, Jim and his wife Lyn gave their lives to Christ.
January 2012
With great sadness, we share with you that a beloved member of our family of artists, JAMES SEWARD, passed away on Monday, December 26, 2011. Mr. Seward was a fine, Christian gentleman with a love of God and lived according to the teachings of the Bible. Mr. Seward passed away at his home from complications of a sudden heart attack.
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