Wysocki, Charles

Born in Detroit, Americana style artist Charles Wysocki enjoyed an active and happy boyhood, which seems reflected in his work.  After studying at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, he began a career as commercial artist in Detroit.  He soon abandoned it for the more independent life of freelancing.  Returning to California, he married and established home there.  Chuck and Elizabeth Wysocki have a great deal in common.  They share an art background and the ethic of hard work.  They have succeeded in capturing the rare sense of serenity that results from being content with the simple things of life, they envision an earlier, slower paced lifestyle in time with their own thinking and philosophy. 
"I consider myself a painter of Early American life," he says.  "The people in my pictures are country folk, simple in manner and happy in their activities.  If some naiveté appears in my work, it's because it was planned that way and is undoubtedly from a desire to live that way myself."