The Long Green Line by William Phillips

It's dawn in the central highlands of Vietnam. The air is heavy with the smell of rain and moist vegetation. The thunder of a passing monsoon rumbles through the mist-shrouded valley as a scouting platoon arrives on a rocky outcropping.

Soon the tranquility of this seemingly pastoral setting is shattered by a new thunder - the sound of a long, green line of UH-1 Iroquois helicopters (Hueys) winding down the valley to a landing zone.

The "Huey" was the chosen vehicle for the U.S. Army's Air Cavalry. It served as a troop transport, provided armed support and was used for casualty evacuation. "The Long Green Line" is a tribute to those who served in Vietnam and to the machines they flew.

Bill Phillips says no veteran of the fighting there will ever forget the unique sound of a flight approaching. A faint, distant muttering would fade in and out as bends in the valleys and mountains muffled the sound. It would grow quickly to a sudden thunder rumbling between the hills, echoing the length of every glade that the helicopters darted through on their way to or from the target of the day. “Of course every Vietcong for miles around heard the Hueys, just as our troops did. They could prepare a welcome for them with small arms fire or they could clear out, “Bill reminisces.

“I had the privilege of going with the navy to the Persian Gulf as a combat artist. While flying with the Marine gunships there, I experienced a sense of déjà vu, since I had flown in armed Hueys during my term of duty in Vietnam, “says Bill.

Print released June 1988
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