The Gift by John Weiss

The Gift by John Weiss,
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Lori and John Weiss appreciate "The Gift" first-hand. Through the grace of God, personal determination and the discovery, diagnosis and treatment of her breast cancer at a facility like the Jean B and Milton N Cooper Cancer Center in Akron OH, Lori can count herself among the ever growing number of strong, joyful and appreciative women whose gift of life has been renewed.

“'The Gift' celebrates the purpose and promise of cancer treatment and recovery - the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of life, hope, family, friendship and another tomorrow,” John Weiss says. "This journey is one full of anxiety and fear, but when you to have faith in your strength to take it on, to face down the storm, you will realize that there is a bright horizon and new shoreline on other side."

“The symbolism of three generations in this family together at the shore is not only to show that this is something that affects everyone, but also to relate that with early diagnosis and treatment, there is every opportunity to have a full and complete life. I want people to know that together we are beating cancer.”

John Weiss created "The Gift" to support The Summa Foundation, which helps support the Cooper Cancer Center, where Lori received her care and treatment. Support from a project such as this is crucial to the future of health and cancer care. It allows the pursuit of innovative medical research that leads to life saving technologies. Through the years, funds raised by the foundation have supported research, physician and nursing education, medical equipment, patient education programs and so much more.

Released March 2013.

giclee canvas, 75 s/n
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