Father Christmas - the Workshop by Santa Claus artist Dean Morrisey

Father Christmas - the Workshop by Santa artist Dean Morrisey available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
"We all know about Santa Claus and his annual circumnavigation of the globe,” says the artist. "It’s quite a feat by any standard. But what is a bit less explored is what Santa does the other 364 days of the year. All year long and right up to Christmas Eve, Santa is a toymaker extraordinaire. He’s up to his elbows in a labor of love, turning out magical toys at a pace and of a quality unparalleled in the world. With this portrait, I wanted to depict the master craftsman engaged in his work. Hearing the bell above the door, he looks up to greet his visitor. Perhaps the visitor is us, come to catch a glimpse of the making of magic.”  
Canvas released October 2010.
giclee canvas, 450 s/n
In stock
Dimensions: 20" x 8"
Issue Price: $275.00
giclee MasterWork edition canvas, 75 s/n
In stock
Dimensions: 40" x 16"
Issue Price: $595.00

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