Suddenly Aglow - Grand Canyon by landscape artist Curt Walters

Suddenly Aglow - Grand Canyon by landscape artist Curt Walters available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
There is no vista more essentially American than the Grand Canyon, and no painter better suited for it than Curt Walters, who Southwest Art magazine recently declared "…conquers the Grand Canyon." With a growing pile of awards from the most prestigious exhibitions in the country—the Masters of the American West, the Prix de West and the Quest for the West, to name a few—Curt Walters has the best seat in the house as, brush in hand, he welcomes us into the majesty of the Grand Canyon.

"When winter cold fronts approach the Grand Canyon from the northwest," says Walters, "many days remain overcast and frigid. But there is a magical time in the late afternoon when the sun drifts below the cloud bank and its rays burst through the cheerless gray like a spotlight. Suddenly, the grand earthen temples are aglow in color, their rugged shapes so ornately defined. Suddenly Aglow was inspired from a moment just like that. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon in a similar way."

Spectacular view from the south rim.
MasterWork Giclee canvas released August 2008.
giclee MasterWork canvas, 50 s/n
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Dimensions: 36" x 54"
not stretched
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