Drifting Closer - Sandman by storyteller fantasy artist Dean Morrissey

Drifting Closer by Dean Morrissey available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
 "A voice boomed through the darkness at Joey, who was entangled in the net, suspended high in the sky. A strange ship with its sails billowed out and a great balloon rising from its center was drifting ever closer. An old man bellowed from the deck, 'Who's there?' It was the Sandman - and Joey's real adventure was about to begin." - Dean Morrissey.
From Morrissey's book "Ship of Dreams"
offset litho, 1250 s/n
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Dimensions: 16.875" x 22.5"
Issue Price: $175.00
offset litho, 76 a/p
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Dimensions: 16.875" x 22.5"
Issue Price: $210.00

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