Solarus the Wizard by fantasy artist Dean Morrissey

Solarus the Wizard by fantasy artist Dean Morrissey.
Available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
Just in time for the season of magic comes Solarus the Wizard. His twinkling gaze invites you into his study, where you may find anything from sky-sailing ships to atlases of lands beyond the ends of the earth. This richly colored portrait will make a magical holiday gift for any lover of fantasy. Just hang Solarus the Wizard to instantly transfigure any room into your very own school of witchcraft and wizardry.
Canvas released 2007.
giclee MasterWork canvas, 50 s/n
In stock
Dimensions: 44" x 22"
Issue Price: $950.00
offset litho, 450 s/n
In stock
Dimensions: 28" x 14"
Issue Price: $165.00

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