Mbogo Mkuu Cape Buffalo by African wildlife artist Guy Combes

Mbogo Mkuu (cape buffalo) by African wildlife artist Guy Combes, Simon Combe's son - available from Prickly Pear Galleries
"He's one of the Cape Buffalo I encountered at a wildlife sanctuary near my home in Kenya. While this particular animal had no connection to the death of my father, the process of creating this painting was a mountain to climb that put so much into perpective. As much as any other animal, the Cape Buffalo embodies the promise of life, danger and wildness that is Africa. My father would have loved this painting."
"By the lake, among the reeds, is where the old buffalo bulls go when they’ve been ousted from the herd. You sometimes see them in pairs or on their own, but after they’ve been ejected from the herd they tend to be very defensive and aggressive. In addition to the attitude, the buffalo has evolved his fearsome horns. Buffalo are primary prey for lions and to bring down a full-grown buffalo usually takes up to three or four lions. To be able to fight them off, a buffalo needs some ammunition.”
Canvas released 2007.
giclee canvas, 75 s/n
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Dimensions: 24" x 30"
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