The Voyage of the Fianna - Sailing Ship by fantasy artist Dean Morrissey

The Voyage of the Fianna by Dean Morrissey.
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A legendary Celtic adventurer with the ability to travel through time, Finn MacCool was the greatest leader of the Fianna, the military elite of ancient Ireland responsible for guarding the High King. An unruly band, the Fianna were challenged by Finn to become models of chivalry and justice. The stories of Finn inspired many narrative poems and ballads, playing an important part in the Celtic literary renaissance. Some argue that the tales of the Fianna are the basis of the legends for the Knights of the Round Table. In Dean Morrissey’s The Voyage of the Fianna, we find the inspirational hero Finn sailing through the sea of time. Following in the regal footsteps of the recent runaway successes of Anna of the Celts and the Celtic King, Morrissey’s Celtic canvases bring a sense of pride and dignity to any surrounding.
Canvas released 2005.
giclee canvas, 150 s/n
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Dimensions: 20" x 25"


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