The Lightship by fantasy artist Dean Morrissey

The Lightship by Dean Morrissey.
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As Dean Morrissey shows us, the inhabitants of the his "Great Kettles" book series have a far greater impact on our world than we could imagine. The Spring Solstice, for instance, is when the cool Beacon of Winter is replaced with the warm Summer Sun. Designed to bring about lighter, longer days, it is the job of the Lantern Keeper, Maura Bump, and her vessel the Lightship to see that the golden amber ball is fixed radiantly in the sky and that the long-awaited Spring arrives.
Canvas and print released 2002.
giclee canvas, 250 s/n
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Dimensions: 13" x 18"


Issue Price: $325.00
offset litho, 550 s/n
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Dimensions: 15" x 20"


Issue Price: $145.00

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