Spring Song - wedding party outside church by Paul Landry

Spring Song by Paul Landry, available from Prickly Pear Galleries.

Spring has arrived and so has a wedding day. The day is bright, beautiful and new - as new as the vows the couple has pledged to each other. When they appear at the church doors, even the sun shines its blessings on them. Along with the echoes of congratulations, you can hear the old steeple bell sending its song of praise and thanksgiving heavenward.

The surrey is ready and waiting to lead the procession of family, friends and neighbors to the reception. A fine selection of food, drink, music and dancing - along with family traditions - will be celebrated by one and all. What a happy and love-filled time to share.

Yes, spring has its own special song and so do a bride and groom. Beginning with a blessing, the song that fills their hearts is one of love, joy, happiness, trust and hope.

Print released 1995
offset litho, 2500 s/n
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Dimensions: 20" x 18"


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