Dust Stained Posse by Frank McCarthy

Dust Stained Posse by Frank McCarthy.  Throughout the West a tough breed of outlaws was challenged by an equally tough breed of lawmen. The Outlaw Trail extended north of Fort Benton, Montana, into Canada and south through El Paso into Mexico. It was the "highway" for stolen steer and horse herds.  Here a posse reins up for a wary study of the strange terrain ahead. They are not far from Robbers' Roost, the maze of canyons Butch Cassidy and the "wild bunch" called their hide-out. It appears a likely place for a canyon ambush. The ominous clouds indicate the posse could be in for double trouble¯both from the outlaws and the threat of flash flood.
Print released 1977. Canvas Anniversary Edition released December 2013.
ANNIVERSARY EDITION CANVAS; Signed Limited Edition of: 35
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Dimensions: 27" x 18"
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