A Most Perfect View by Gregory Newbold

A Most Perfect View by Gregory Newbold.
"After spending many hours reading about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, I wanted to visit some of the areas they had explored. I wanted to share their experience as much as I could, to get the feel of what they might have felt and to share their inspiration. My art explores the more heroic and mythical character of people, places, events or lore." In a stylized fashion that is reminiscent of Thomas Hart Benton, Newbold portrays the tiny band of explorers in an inspirational setting suggesting what they might have seen in that summer of 1805. More than once they climbed to see beyond the next hill, from whence they commanded "a most perfect view of the neighboring country."
Print released 1998.
offset litho, 550 s/n
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Dimensions: 19.875" x 26"


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