The Getaway - American Kestrel by wildlife artist Carl Brenders

The Getaway by Carl Brenders, available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
"How many times does one see a kestrel diving at its prey? Every time I wish to be part of the scene, at least to be able to see it happen from close range. So, my great desire is now realized in this new kestrel painting. The reason why I could do this painting was because I got such a good opportunity to do great fieldwork with a wonderful male kestrel.
"Falconers hunt with falcons and hawks. It is the only way one can see the hunt of such a magnificent little falcon from close range. The photographs serve as an aid to determining the position of the bird just before it catches (or misses) its prey.
"There might be some discussion about the background. I took some artistic licence to bring the dandelions and bluebells together. Bluebells start blooming in June. The real abundant blooming of the dandelion happens mostly in May. (If you are a real art lover, you will forgive me.)" - Carl Brenders, from his new book "Pride of Place" (2007.)
Print released in 2002.
offset litho, 650 s/n
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