Reilly, Kay Lynn

Artistic photographer Kay Lynn Reilly’s creative passion for self-expression with the camera began early in her life, and her amazing talent has brought her to the forefront of today’s exciting digital world in her genre. She says the joy she receives from her chosen career has brought her through the dark and the light in her life. The artist says photography is her escape, and it has been an amazing journey for this city girl, who now resides among the wide-open spaces of the West that she loves to capture with her lens. Kay Lynn realized her calling in a beginning photography class in college. From there, she pursued her subjects along various paths…..along the Western coastlines….the rodeos of Colorado…the big sky country of Montana…as a renowned portrait photographer. The artist’s talent and expression with the camera seem to be endless. Kay Lynn notes, “Photography is about capturing the moment – I know it’s a cliché, but really that’s what it’s all about.” As the artist searches for her images, she is always on the lookout for “something different.” Over the years, the American West has become a favorite theme of the artist. She says, “The Old West is one of America’s most enduring dreams. It has all of the romance, grandeur, and dirt imaginable. I find satisfaction and comfort in these images.” As her camera brings into focus such subjects as horses, the rodeo, ghost towns, cowboys, cowgirls, dogs, and trucks, she strives to “bring new life to the old…” Her goal is to always capture the action, emotion, and everything that allows her photos to encompass the landscapes her eye views. Her photographs are living, breathing images that draw viewers in to experience a connection with her subjects. Kay Lynn’s beautiful works are infused with color, texture, and mood. The artist has sought to enhance and expand her creativity by experimenting with hand painting and digital enhancement. With an amazing eye for angle and light, she has become an expert of both. Come join Kay Lynn on her never-ending quest for “something different.”
Cowboy Church by Kay Lynn Reilly
Issue Price: $250.00