Bridge to the Spirit World - Rainbow over Canyon de Chelly, Arizona by artist Mian Situ

Bridge to the Spirit World by artist Mian Situ, available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
The location of this new release by Mian Situ is Canyon de Chelly in northeastern Arizona. Today it is a Navajo Tribal Trust land and home to the preserved ruins of the early Anasazi and Navajo tribes.

“When I was in Canyon de Chelly in May last year,” says Situ, “I saw a beautiful rainbow after a storm. The Navajo people believe that the gods travel on the rainbow because it moves so rapidly. They also portray the rainbow as the bridge between the human world and the other side. Navajo people have lived in Canyon de Chelly for generations and are still living there today, herding sheep and cattle and farming the land.”
Released June 2010.

giclee canvas, 40 s/n
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Dimensions: 27" x 27"
Issue Price: $950.00

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