A Sailor's Garden by Paul Landry

A Sailor's Garden by Paul Landry
canvas released 2006
 Artist Paul Landry is known for his images of colorful gardens and scenes of maritime life. In his latest fine art limited edition, A Sailor's Garden, Landry combines both of these worlds to create both a beautiful composition and a collector's dream come true. Radiant with hues and warm with nostalgic ambiance, Landry's images tenderly wed flowers with our own universal fond memories. His own love of gardening is his inspiration. Of A Sailor's Garden, Landry says "Even though the sailor may be at sea for months at a time and enjoy it immensely, he also loves the time spent in his garden caring for the earth. Both sea and land calling his heart and hand. But, I wonder, if he had to make a choice, would he agree that there is no place like home? And is there truly any other place like your own garden?"
giclee canvas, 150 s/n
In stock
Dimensions: 15" x 24"
Issue Price: $435.00

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