December of '45 by William Phillips

December of '45 by William Phillips.
One of the Phillips Bay collection of limited edition prints and canvases.

"Christmas with snow and hot apple cider," says Bill, "I think that the cold outside accentuates the welcoming warmth inside." Although he grew up in California, he always dreamed of white Christmases, and with this newest work he includes a sense of peace and happiness after the long years of World War II. Bill makes it clear that images like this one are just as much what he is about as his award-winning aviation paintings. He explains why he is so drawn to nostalgic images, like this newest, December of '45: "The world needs to turn around, slow down. The good old days may not have been, in reality, all that good, but in our imaginations we can make them everything they could have been, or should have been...."
Print released 1998.
offset litho, 1500 s/n
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Dimensions: 18" x 34"


Issue Price: $195.00

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