Antarctic Evening by Robert Bateman

"There have been many magic evenings in my life, but the evening of the iceberg cruise stands out. The hues of the sky vied with the shadows of the icebergs for a sort of beauty contest of nature. As the sky changed so did the water and the ice. My mind kept turning to fantastic castles from some childhood fairy tale." - Robert Bateman.
Print, giclee canvas and ShowStopper released 2004.
Signed Offset Litho on Paper, 950 S/N
In stock
Dimensions: 28" x 23"
Issue Price: $225.00
Signed Giclee on Canvas, 180 S/N
In stock
Dimensions: 45" x 36"
Issue Price: $1,900.00
Signed Giclee on Canvas ShowStopper Edition, 50 S/N
In stock
Dimensions: 60" x 47"
Issue Price: $4,800.00

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